Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 10

Today we left Marja Talu early in the morning and we took the bus to Tartu. Our main aim was to organise a campaign to promote healthy lifestyles in the city.
When we got there, the locals from our group gave us a tour around the city in order to visit the main attractions like the Kissing Student statue and the Toomemägi.
After a short lunch break, the fun started !!!
All of us took a sign with FREE HUGS written on it and we spread out around the town. At first, people were surprised when we approached them but after a while they gave us really strong hugs! Our HUGS were accompanied with short healthy tips about how are lifestyle should be. The feeling of giving hugs to strangers was really amazing and their smile was our reward for this effort.

At the end of the HUG campaign we gathered again at the main square and we wrote BE HEALTHY with our bodies. The locals were really surprised and took many photos of us.

After that, we needed a cold beer so we enjoyed a drink at a local pub and then spread out again for some last minute shopping.

Our day ended with a delicious Estonian pizza at a traditional pizzeria before coming back to our base, tired, but full of nice memories. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 8

Waking up in the sauna at eight,
yesterday I didn't have a date.
At nine got in a small van
with 13 of us and an old man.

We started our hike at noon,
since we only had sandwiches,
we didn't need a spoon.

The first few hours were easy as hell,
after that our mind started to ring a bell:
"Oh, it's too tiring" and "Oh, it's too long."
But we kept the pace and made up a song.

2 hours from the finish
we had to replenish.
Stepping in a farm called "Happiness",
two of us went into a big mess.

A dog as big as a horse
wanted to rip us apart, of course.
After a hour of standing still
came PÄÄRN, our savior, who was ready to kill.

Thankfully no blood was spilled,
none of us was hurt or killed.
Excluding that, the trip was nice,
for dinner we had some salad and rice.

Now I am writing a poem in the conference room,
high from caffeine, mouth full of gum.

My eyes are red,
my feet are blue.
I don't know how to make a poem. 

In the middle of nowhere...

The closed tower at Rebäsemõisa Tornimäe watch tower

Rasmus has the beaver-fever

Having lunch at Mäekonnu watch tower

Enjoying the field of nettles.

Slippery when wet.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 7

Canoeing, climbing and camping.

After a long day of canoeing for four hours it was only right that we had a bonfire piled on with MEAT. 

Oh and of course, music and marshmallows.

The treacherous river that we brave and courageous participants canoed on. From Estonia to Latvia!

Now for the videos.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 5

       Day 5 was full of adventures,we went to Adventure Park Otepää.

    In the Adventure Park we needed to complete 7 tracks from the easyest to the hardest level.Some of us only made it 6 tracks but others were more brave and they even did the most difficult track(no7).

Our winners were :Keily(EE), Einar(UK), Kristjan (UK),Andrei C(RO), Andreas (UK), Simone (IT), Davide (UK), PAARU(EE). We are proud of you guys!!

 In the second part of the day we went to the lake, were we took a bath also played volleyball and we continued our activities proposed by the italians.
    Some impression of day 5:
Larisa (RO) : It was very scared the adventure park and very exciting, but it was really fun. I will do it again if I have the chance.
Giulia (IT) : The adventure park was an amazing experience , a little bit scare in some moments but also exciting.
Andrei S. (RO):It was a great day but also challenging,despite all we continued having fun until late in the night.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 2.

The second day starts with Claudiu (Romania) going after his duties with a sense of passion.

 Today's task: Make a crazy hairstyle! Keily (Estonia) is styling Denisa's (Romania) hair influenced by the rich nature of Estonia. A sunny hairstyle appropriate for any occasion spent in nature, it fits mostly the warmer seasons but can be a delight to the eye during the colder days as well.

 Our new Mascot (Rasmus, Estonia), is looking good in his sport outfit, promoting laughter and a healthy lifestyle!
 2# Task: Change clothes with another person! Andrei (Romania) had the (bad) luck to change clothes with a girl, wearing a flower print skirt and red lipstick. But, oohhh, those shoes are an absolute no-no! But we won't be too harsh on you since it's your first time!! Keep up the style! ;)

This is our beautiful Home for 12 days! Located in Valgamaa, Valga County, Estonia, Marja Talu is a wonderful place in the middle of nature. Surrounded by a meadow that really couldn't be greener, it looks too gorgeous to be real. It also has a lake right behind one of the wooden houses, in which we often like to swim after a tiring day!

 At the cultural night, the Greeks shared their language with the rest of the group, discovering that everyone was capable of learning the basics of Greek! Well done everyone! ;D

 Michalis (Greece) is explaining the game at the cultural night. Basically, everybody got a balloon with a piece of paper inside it on which a name of a participant was written, and you had to find the person to which the name belonged to;  but here's the catch! The names were written in the Greek alphabet! Tough, huh? But our lovely foreign friends managed just fine! :)

 Kadri, Uku (Estonia) and Marian (Greece) are preparing their balloons for the game! Marian took over for Uku, because he can't tie a balloon, but that's alright, most people can't either!! ;)

 Alexandra (Greece) is enjoying with the outmost excitement some Estonian chips.

Today we calculated our body mass index (BMI). Luckily, most participants' BMI was in the normal area! =D We're healthy, yay!

  But there were some who were just over the normal area; but no worries, we'll get you fit in no time!
A heated conversation about what we think would be a healthy diet, with subjects such as the GMO and daily food habits! A list with foods was also made, which portrayed which kinds of food were good for our health, and which weren't! A very informative day, today! Keep up the excellent work everybody!! =)