Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 10

Today we left Marja Talu early in the morning and we took the bus to Tartu. Our main aim was to organise a campaign to promote healthy lifestyles in the city.
When we got there, the locals from our group gave us a tour around the city in order to visit the main attractions like the Kissing Student statue and the Toomem├Ągi.
After a short lunch break, the fun started !!!
All of us took a sign with FREE HUGS written on it and we spread out around the town. At first, people were surprised when we approached them but after a while they gave us really strong hugs! Our HUGS were accompanied with short healthy tips about how are lifestyle should be. The feeling of giving hugs to strangers was really amazing and their smile was our reward for this effort.

At the end of the HUG campaign we gathered again at the main square and we wrote BE HEALTHY with our bodies. The locals were really surprised and took many photos of us.

After that, we needed a cold beer so we enjoyed a drink at a local pub and then spread out again for some last minute shopping.

Our day ended with a delicious Estonian pizza at a traditional pizzeria before coming back to our base, tired, but full of nice memories. 

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